The Association of Out Surgeons and Allies (AOSA) is an organization of LGBTQ+ Surgeons and allies which promotes acceptance, inclusion, and equity in the surgical specialties to further learner engagement, support individual clinicians and researchers, and build a community.

The AOSA also intends to create a space for LGBTQ+ surgeons and trainees that promotes a dignified and successful surgical career without stigma, judgment, or discrimination. We aim to achieve this through a combination of outreach, education, mentorship, and professional development


To build a community of health professionals that will champion the presence, development, and promotion of LGBTQ+ individuals in surgery:
  1. Enhance our community’s understanding of how to create and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in surgery
  2. Facilitate and amplify LGBTQ+ surgeons’ success through dedicated mentorship networks
  3. Seek to be inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ+ surgeons with intersectional identities


  1. Create a safe space for acknowledging self-identity
  2. Provide supportive environments for LGBTQ+ surgeons and learners to build community and develop mentorships
  3. Provide our members and allies with the conceptual basis to understand important topics in LGBTQ+ professional and healthcare disparities

These outreach and education objectives are intended to include professional goals, personal development, and the interconnection of both experiences.


  1. Develop a mentorship program for learners and faculty members
  2. Provide LGBTQ+ surgeons with the skills necessary to excel at all stages of their careers.
  3. Offer recommendations to other surgical organizations for LGBTQ+ inclusive programming and policy
  4. Afford educational opportunities for LGBTQ+ trainees through mentorship and scholarships
  5. Network with minority surgical associations to promote support and inclusivity of LGBTQ+ surgeons with intersectional identities

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