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Mission Statement

The Association of Out Surgeons and Allies is an organization of LGBTQ+ Surgeons and allies which promotes acceptance, inclusion and equity in the surgical specialties to further learner engagement, support individual clinicians and researchers, and build a community.

The AOSA also intends to create a space for LGBTQ+ surgeons and trainees that promotes a dignified and successful surgical career without stigma, judgment, or discrimination. We aim to achieve this through a combination of outreach, education, mentorship, and professional development

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AOSA recognizes that, for some LGBTQ+ people, joining an organization like ours could put your professional or personal safety at risk. 

Our goal is to include as many members of our communities as possible, and to make it possible for you to participate in whatever way makes sense to you

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 map of AOSA pride meetups, 2024


To build a community of health professionals that will champion the presence, development, and promotion of LGBTQ+ individuals in surgery.

  1. Enhance our community’s understanding of how to create and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in surgery

  2. Facilitate and amplify LGBTQ+ surgeons’ success through dedicated mentorship networks

  3. Seek to be inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ+ surgeons with intersectional identities