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A group of LGBTQ+ surgeons, learners, and allies from all surgical specialties.

You are welcome here. 

Welcome Our Prism Institutional Members


LGBTQIA+ Surgery Residency Application Q&A

The Association of Out Surgeons and Allies is hosting a Q&A panel for LGBTQIA+ surgery residency applicants on Tuesday 9/19 at 7pm EST and 7pm PST (2 sessions).

If you are interested in attending, please register below! 

William Tyler Crawley, DO, Samantha Taylor Murphy, MD, Aracelia Aldrete, and Cameron Smith, MS have all won a $1000 scholarship to attend our Annual AOSA Meeting at the ACS Clinical Congress in Boston!  We look forward to seeing you all there.  Congratulations!

Check out our August Prism Spotlight interview with Teri Manno and Dr. Armando Castro-Tie from Northwell Health.

Watch the full interview clips on our YouTube Channel

Save the Date!!!

We will be having our Annual AOSA Business Meeting October 24th at 4pm EST (with a networking social to follow at 5pm EST) during the Clinical Congress in Boston, MA!  Details to follow.  

Show your PRIDE

The AOSA online store is now open!

Get gear for you and your entire family to show your pride and allyship. A portion of your purchase proceeds will go to AOSA Scholarship and Organizational Funds.



The Association of Out Surgeons and Allies is an organization of LGBTQ+ Surgeons and allies which promotes acceptance, inclusion and equity in the surgical specialties to further learner engagement, support individual clinicians and researchers, and build a community.


The AOSA also intends to create a space for LGBTQ+ surgeons and trainees that promotes a dignified and successful surgical career without stigma, judgment, or discrimination. We aim to achieve this through a combination of outreach, education, mentorship, and professional development


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To build a community of health professionals that will champion the presence, development, and promotion of LGBTQ+ individuals in surgery.

  1. Enhance our community’s understanding of how to create and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in surgery

  2. Facilitate and amplify LGBTQ+ surgeons’ success through dedicated mentorship networks

  3. Seek to be inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ+ surgeons with intersectional identities

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  1. Create a safe space for acknowledging self-identity

  2. Provide supportive environments for LGBTQ+ surgeons and learners to build community and develop mentorships

  3. Provide our members and allies with the conceptual basis to understand important topics in LGBTQ+ professional and healthcare disparities

These outreach and education objectives are intended to include professional goals, personal development, and the interconnection of both experiences.


  1. Develop a mentorship program for learners and faculty members

  2. Provide LGBTQ+ surgeons with the skills necessary to excel at all stages of their careers.

  3. Offer recommendations to other surgical organizations for LGBTQ+ inclusive programming and policy

  4. Afford educational opportunities for LGBTQ+ trainees through mentorship and scholarships

  5. Network with minority surgical associations to promote support and inclusivity of LGBTQ+ surgeons with intersectional identities

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